It's not too hard to figure out
Why my heart pounds when I see her
From the way she smiles to her flowing hair
She always makes me sigh
The candy apple of my eye
Life's sweeter when she's near
She's a sunbeam in my rainy day
A glimpse of clear, blue sky
The stupid smile across my face
Is a sure sign she's nearby

She is the only one for me
And it's oh, so plain to see that the way I feel for her
Is love to the nth degree
And I know it's futile to deny
That I didn't even try to be subtle with my song
Since you all can see that I'm in love with...

She always knows when I'm feeling down
And she's quick to lift my spirits
When she whispers nothings in my ear
And I'm instantly carefree
I can't believe that she would be
The one who's at my side
After making love on a starlit night
At our campsite by the sea
That tiny sparkle in her eye
Says her heart belongs to me

Yes, I know that it's hard to tell
If I'm blind with ecstasy
But this is how I always felt
That true happiness would be


from Crane - EP, released February 21, 2013
Words and music by Hazen Nester

Quiet Desperation:
Cameron Accola - bass guitar
Hazen Nester - guitars, keyboards, drum sequencing, vocals

Produced by Quiet Desperation

Mixed by Hazen Nester




Quiet Desperation Michigan

Quiet Desperation is the name of what on-again-off-again musician Hazen Nester releases his original, non-songwriting-competition, music under along with his friend and collaborator Cameron Accola.

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