Storm Warning

from by Quiet Desperation



There's a change in the weather
There's a storm front rolling in
There are dark clouds approachin'
Lightning flashes within
Better run for cover
Or start drownin' in someone's sins

They be seedin' the storm clouds
They be tryin' to make it rain
They say it's beneficial
Give them fields lots of grain
Better not be a deluge
Or all the rain'll bring is pain

If it keeps on a-rainin'
The levee's gonna break
All that murky, dirty, silty water
Leaves destruction in its wake
Better pack up them sandbags
'Cause all our lives are at stake

There's a break in the weather
And a sunbeam's peeking through
There's survivors lookin' outside
Everywhere debris is strewn
Better start rebuilding
Pray another storm don't come 'round here now soon


from Crane - EP, released February 21, 2013
Words and music by Hazen Nester

Quiet Desperation:
Cameron Accola - bass guitar
Hazen Nester - guitars, drum sequencing, vocals

Produced by Quiet Desperation

Mixed by Hazen Nester




Quiet Desperation Michigan

Quiet Desperation is the name of what on-again-off-again musician Hazen Nester releases his original, non-songwriting-competition, music under along with his friend and collaborator Cameron Accola.

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